Dahomey Amazons (ETW unit)

Dahomey Amazons
Dahomey Amazons
Category: Infantry
Class: Militia
Men: 40 / 80 / 120 / 160
Range: 90
Accuracy: 40
Reloading skill: 10
Ammunition: 5
Melee attack: 7
Charge bonus: 8
Defence: 3
Morale: 6
Turns to train: 1
Recruitment cost: 970
Upkeep cost: 240
Building (minimum level)
European, Middle Eastern
Etw eu city government lvl22.png

Governor's Residence
Etw ind city government lvl2.png

Thakur's Court

These merciless female warriors, armed with rifles, are rightly feared by men for their aggression in battle.

Originally formed as a band of elephant hunters, they were developed into a royal bodyguard recruited from among the King’s wives, a group of women that sometimes numbered in the hundreds. Willing volunteers expand this force, while other recruits are put forward by disgruntled husbands and fathers who visit the King with tales of spousal misbehaviour! The Amazons are denied the right to marriage once in the regiment, and religion is used to give them a sense of being sacred.

They are extremely well trained, and inculcated with a very aggressive attitude. They are ferocious fighters with a reputation for decapitating those who are unfortunate to become their captives. Woe betide the foe that underestimates them!


Can guard
Can hide in buildings
Can hide in light scrub
Can hide in long grass
Can hide in woodland
Can skirmish
Good stamina
Grappling hooks
Remains hidden whilst walking
Resistant to heat fatigue

Technological abilities

Chevaux de frise

Available for:

Aus dahomey amazons icon infm.png Fra dahomey amazons icon infm.png Bri dahomey amazons icon infm.png Mar dahomey amazons icon infm.png Ott dahomey amazons icon infm.png
Austria France Great Britain Maratha Confederacy Ottoman Empire
Pol dahomey amazons icon infm.png Pru dahomey amazons icon infm.png Rus dahomey amazons icon infm.png Fra dahomey amazons icon infm.png Swe dahomey amazons icon infm.png
Poland-Lithuania Prussia Russia Spain Sweden
Unp dahomey amazons icon infm.png Uns dahomey amazons icon infm.png
United Provinces United States

Unit is available when holding a region in Northwest Africa.


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This unit is part of the Special Forces Units & Bonus Content DLC. It was originally a pre-order incentive for

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