Carronade Frigate (ETW unit)

Carronade Frigate
Carronade Frigate
Faction: France Great Britain Spain United States
Range: 300 300 300 300 300
Accuracy: 60 70 60 60 60
Reloading skill: 40 40 55 40 50
Hull strength: 2716 2790 2856 2716 2856
Speed: 18 19 18 18 18
Maneuverability: Med. Med. Med. Med. Med.
Morale: 8 8 9 8 9
Turns to build: 2 2 2 2 2
Recruitment cost: 1160 1310 1170 1150 1120
Upkeep cost: 290 320 290 280 280
Building (minimum level)
Etw eu port military lvl3.png


Carronade frigates are single-deck vessels, with extremely impressive short-range firepower.

Normally frigates would be armed with long guns, probably no larger than 12-pounders. A few short-barrelled 64-pounder carronades might be aboard to give a close-in broadside more weight of shot. A carronade frigate goes one better, and carries nothing but carronades – short guns that are half the weight of the equivalent conventional cannon. While the weight of a broadside is truly awesome, the frigate has to get in close in order to blow an enemy to smithereens thanks to the carronades’ limited range. A clever enemy will stay out of range of the carronades’ horrendous power and take long range pot shots.

Historically, only the Royal Navy experimented with an all-carronade armament aboard HMS Glatton (in service from 1795). Glatton carried 28 64-pounder and 28 32-pounder carronades, giving a weight of fire that was more than 17% greater than HMS Victory could deliver at the Battle of Trafalgar! This massive firepower allowed her, on one occasion, to chase all eight vessels in a French squadron back into port. Oddly enough, the next two vessels to carry the name “Glatton” in RN service were also massively over-armed.

Technological abilities

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Available for:

Austria France Great Britain Maratha Confederacy Ottoman Empire Poland-Lithuania
Prussia Russia Spain Sweden United Provinces United States

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