Chief's Bodyguard (ETW-WC unit)

Chief's Bodyguard
Chief's Bodyguard
Category: Cavalry
Class: General
Men: 15 / 30 / 45 / 60
Melee attack: 7
Charge bonus: 10
Defence: 5
Morale: 9
Turns to build: 1
Recruitment cost: 1020
Upkeep cost: 250

These riders are entrusted with the life of their chief, and are highly skilled and dedicated to their task.

They are expected to shadow the chief at all times and, if necessary, lay down their lives to protect him. This is one of the highest honours available to a warrior, and those that are afforded it will proudly show their status.

Chiefs were often chosen for previous acts of valour and were men that other warriors respected and would follow willingly. Although chiefs held the power to make decisions in the tribe the elders had the power to overrule them on any decisions that did not focus on the good of the tribe. These tribal elders were also responsible for choosing a new chief when the previous one died.


Can rally routing troops
Inspires nearby units
Paths seldom trod
Resistant to heat fatigue

Available for:

Che native american chief icon cavt.png Hur native american chief icon cavt.png Iro native american chief icon cavt.png Pla native american chief icon cavt.png Pue native american chief icon cavt.png
Cherokee Nations Huron-Wyandot Iroquois Confederacy Plains Nations Pueblo Nations