Voluntarios de la Coruña (NTW unit)

Voluntarios de la Coruña
Voluntarios de la Coruña
Category: Infantry
Class: Line Infantry
Men: 40 / 80 / 120 / 160
Range: 80
Accuracy: 35
Reloading skill: 30
Ammunition: 10
Melee attack: 4
Charge bonus: 11
Defence: 7
Morale: 6
Unit limit: 1
Turns to train: 2
Recruitment cost: 520
Upkeep cost: 130

Guerrilla Fusiliers are a versatile infantry unit able to form line to use their muskets and bayonets to full effect. Guerrilla units can be deployed anywhere on the battlefield except inside the enemy deployment zone or within range of the enemy general.

Recruited from vengeful and patriotic Spaniards outraged by the French usurpation of their lands, Guerrilla Fusiliers are mountain men who have grown up using firearms, swords and knives. This personal experience makes them individually skilled and they are effective in melee as a result. They are at a disadvantage when facing enemies such artillery and skirmishers, but they have enough tactical sense to be able to form square when threatened by cavalry.

During the French occupation of Spain, the French army committed many crimes against the Spanish people, often with the connivance of their officers. Theft, rape and murder were commonplace, and seen as practical ways to strike back at the “brigands” and “bandits” of the guerrilla, or little war. Friends and family would suffer, even if the fighters did not. In their turn, the Spanish treated any Frenchmen they caught with similar brutality. Family honour, a driving force for many Spaniards, meant that they had to avenge their dead no matter what the personal cost. So while the government apparently did little, the people made the lives of the French invaders a hell of ambushes and fear. The French army was almost paralysed at times by the need to protect its rear and supply lines from the guerrillas.


Can guard
Can hide in woodland
Grappling hooks
Guerrilla warfare

Technological abilities

Chevaux de frise
Fire and advance
Socket bayonet
Square formation

Available for:

Ntw spain spa inf line voluntarios de coruna guerilla icon.png Ntw spain spa inf line voluntarios de coruna guerilla icon.png
Great Britain Spain

Unit is exclusive to the Peninsular Campaign and is available when controlling the region of Galicia. Great Britain may acquire this unit through occupying or liberating its home region.

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