Great Britain (NTW-PC faction)

Great Britain
Great Britain
Game: Napoleon: Total War - Peninsular Campaign
Culture: European
Alignment: Anti-French

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Starting position

Ntw bri spain map.jpg


Late March 1811


  • Gibraltar - Gibraltar (Capital)


Constitutional Monarchy




George III

Great Britain and Portugal have been allies since medieval times. When Napoleon invaded Portugal after its refusal to obey his embargo orders on trade with Great Britain, the result was a foregone conclusion. British troops arrived in Portugal and the Royal Navy spirited away the entire Portuguese court before the French could reach Lisbon. With Napoleon and his Grande Armée otherwise occupied, this far-flung corner of Europe was an opportunity for the British to deal a blow to the Corsican Tyrant.

With the Lines of Torres Vedras now complete, Lisbon is safe behind a mighty fortress. This strong defensive position gives the British a superior base of operations in the Peninsula. Combined with the support of Spanish guerrillas and the Portuguese army, Britain stands a fair chance of driving the French from Spain altogether. However, Marshal Masséna must not be underestimated. He is a seasoned commander and will not give up without a hard fight. He has Napoleon’s trust for excellent reasons, and will use every asset under French control to the greatest advantage.

Britain has challenges and opportunities in Spain. There is the chance to directly fight, and possibly beat, the French. But the army under Wellington is, for all intents, the only army that the British can field. Once it is gone, any chance of further land campaigns is also gone.

Victory Conditions

Ensure that France owns no more than 5 regions while holding the regions shown. Midi-Pyrénées

Complete by the end of your turn in: Late December 1815


Monarchy flag

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