Spain (NTW-PC faction)

Game: Napoleon: Total War - Peninsular Campaign
Culture: European
Alignment: Anti-French

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Starting position

Ntw spa spain map.jpg


Late March 1811


  • Sevilla - Seville (Capital)
  • Valencia - Valencia


Absolute Monarchy




Fernando I

Spain, once the conqueror of other nations, is now an unstable and fractured country. There is no valid central government, its king is a hated foreigner foisted on them by an invasion, and their oldest enemies are set to become their greatest allies.

Until recently Spain was allied with Bonaparte’s France and dreamt of sharing in the spoils of France’s new glorious empire. Napoleon, however, betrayed Spain’s trust, overthrowing the Spanish government and putting his own brother, Joseph, on the throne. Instead of the minor trouble Napoleon expected, he was faced with a revolt of such scale and ferocity that his army of occupation could not stop it. For the first time, France’s seemingly invincible armies were shaken, not by an enemy in the field, but by the Spanish people.

Up to now, with no universally recognised central government, Spain has been ruled by small juntas, and internal quarrels and a lack of organisation mean that the Spanish Army has had little leadership. The Spanish guerrilla bands, groups of freedom fighters using the tactics of brigands, may be Spain’s greatest assets, but their military strength is negligible, and more suited to raiding rather than open warfare. The correct use of these forces and a strategy that plays to any and all Spanish strengths may be the key to pushing back, and, ultimately, beating the French. Britain could be a valuable ally against the common enemy, but the British must always be watched carefully. Spain has not been fortunate in her allies, and the British are among the oldest of Spain’s enemies.

Spain, then, must look to build up her forces, while using her guerrilla bands to keep the French busy. At the same time, building an alliance with Britain, no matter how painful, is a necessary evil.

Victory Conditions

Ensure that France owns no more than 5 regions while holding the regions shown. Midi-Pyrénées

Complete by the end of your turn in: Late December 1815


Monarchy flag

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