Peninsular Campaign

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Taking place in the beginning of the 19th century, Peninsular Campaign focuses on the conflict between the French forces of Joseph Bonaparte and the British Army led by the Duke of Wellington: Arthur Wellesley. You can also play as Spain, fighting for the crown to preserve the country’s independence.

The campaign takes place on an enlarged map of the Iberian Peninsula, focusing (as the name suggests) on the Peninsular war. It features new units such as guerrillas from the Spanish resistance that can be acquired by liberating settlements. New non-combat strategic units are also present in the form of propagandists, priests and rakes. The latter serve as assassins, spies and saboteurs.

New gameplay mechanics are also present, for example the ability to establish trade routes with your colonies to boost your economy. New technologies to research also play an important role.

Playable factions:

  • British Empire
  • French Empire
  • Spain

Peninsular Campaign was released in June 2010.

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