Tatars (ETW unit)

Category: Cavalry
Class: Missile Cavalry
Men: 15 / 30 / 45 / 60
Range: 70
Accuracy: 20
Reloading skill: 15
Ammunition: 20
Melee attack: 7
Charge bonus: 9
Defence: 4
Morale: 4
Turns to train: 1
Recruitment cost: 650
Upkeep cost: 160
Building (minimum level)
Etw eu city government lvl1.png


These light cavalrymen are superb horsemen, expert in skirmishing and harassing an enemy.

There is a long tradition on the steppes of fighting from horseback. Children are put in the saddle before they can walk, and this makes them almost part of the horse. In previous centuries, accurately firing a bow while riding at speed requires a man who has exceptional ability with both the weapon and a horse. Steppe warriors can control their horses using their knees, and without the need to hold the reins they can use weapons easily and well. Their tactics have always involved galloping up to a slower enemy, delivering a devastating volley, and then riding away again. This way of warfare has survived in the era of pistols and muskets, although most steppe warriors carry numerous weapons (if they can) to avoid reloading in the heat of battle.

Historically, all the eastern nations had an ambiguous relationship with the steppe peoples. They both feared them and wanted their services. This allowed the more cunning steppe tribes to keep a measure of autonomy when other “natives” were being ruthlessly crushed.


Can fire from horseback
Can hide in woodland
Can shoot while moving
Can skirmish
Good stamina
Paths seldom trod
Resistant to cold fatigue

Available for:

Ott steppe cavalry.png Pol steppe cavalry.png Rus steppe cavalry.png
Ottoman Empire Poland-Lithuania Russia