Slavic Nations Culture Pack

Slavic Nations Chosen Shields


Total War: Attila - Slavic Nations Culture Pack

The Slavic Nations Culture Pack brings three new playable factions to Total War: Attila. The Anteans, Sclavenians and Venedians may be used in Single or Multiplayer Campaign modes and Custom and Multiplayer battles.

A hardy and mobile people, The Slavs range far and wide across the blasted Steppe to recolonise and bring new life to abandoned earth. When conflict occurs, they release withering hails of poison arrows on their foes. Whether through diplomacy or conflict, they offer the perfect counter to the Hunnic threat, and introduce a number of unique ways to play Total War: Attila in both Campaign and Battle.

New buildings and victory conditions

Slavic Nations Campaign

Victory for the Slavic Nations requires the player to build Wonders from the new Legendary building chain. The scale of the victory (minor/regular/divine) and type of victory (military/cultural) depends upon the Wonder built, and players can continue to build different Wonders to achieve greater scales of victory. These Wonders, while very expensive to build and maintain, confer increasingly powerful provincial and faction-wide bonuses, and unlock powerful new battle abilities for Slavic units.

The new City Religion building chain offers temples with numerous religious and civic bonuses, and unlocks the Last Stand battle ability for all Slavic units in the province. The new Town Religion building chain offers temples which improve growth and fertility within the province. Combined with their cultural immunity to snow attrition, this enables Slavic nations to thrive more effectively as the climate cools.

Slavic Cultural Traits

All factions in the Slavic cultural group benefit from the Hardy Warriors trait, which enables them to swiftly recolonise razed provinces. Hardy Warriors confers the following bonuses:

  • Immunity from snow attrition
  • Zero colonisation cost
  • 50% discount for all main settlement buildings

In addition, the new Zadruga building chain helps the Slavic nations to kickstart their economies in newly colonised regions. The chain offers a large base income at tier 1, and generates increased wealth from adjacent owned provinces. In brief, the Slavic nations can very quickly establish fresh colonies at no cost, and begin profiting from them immediately.

Slavic Nations Campaign

Poison arrows

A unique new ammunition type available only to Slavic factions, poison arrows are the deadliest arrow type in the game. Poison arrows cause exhaustion to the target and generate damage over time. The Anteans can employ heavy poison arrows, with severely enhanced negative effects on their targets.

The Slavic Nations

TWA anteans flag.png - Anteans

TWA sclavenians flag.png - Sclavenians

TWA venedians flag.png - Venedians

Unit rosters

  • Warlord's Guard
  • Slavic Levy Spearmen
  • Slavic Spearmen
  • Slavic Noble Spears
  • Slavic Large Shields
  • Chosen Shields
  • Slavic Axe Levy
  • Slavic Axemen
  • Slavic Axe Warriors
  • Perun's Axes
  • Slavic Ambushers
  • Followers of Veles (Venedians)
  • Veles Chosen (Venedians)
  • Horse Cutters (Sclavenians)
  • Horse Butchers (Sclavenians)
  • Slavic Warriors
  • Slavic Champions
  • Perun's Champions
  • Slavic Levy Archers
  • Slavic Archers
  • Slavic Hunters
  • Poison Archers (Anteans)
  • Poison Hunters (Anteans)
  • Slavic Levy Skirmishers
  • Slavic Skirmishers
  • Slavic Noble Skirmishers
  • Slavic Raiders
  • Slavic Horse Raiders
  • Svarog's Raiders
  • Onager
  • Bastion Onager