Horse Dojo (STW building)

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Horse Dojo
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      With an Archery Dojo:

The Horse Dojo trains Samurai in the art of warfare from horseback. It produces Cavalry Archers which are more mobile and better in hand to hand combat than Samurai Archers. If you have a Spear Dojo in the same region, it also produces Yari Cavalry, whose spears are very effective when charging, particularly against other Cavalry units.

Extra info:
Cavalry require large numbers of horses, both for use in battle and for transport. A battle is a frightening and confusing experience for a man let alone an animal, and training a horse so that it was willing to charge the enemy took time and skill. Horses were also trained to kick and bite foes. This means that a samurai warrior would require at least two horses and probably more. A battle-hardened animal was too valuable (and probably dangerous) to be ridden simply as a means of getting from A to B, so the samurai would need at least one more ordinary riding animal to get him to a battle.

A Horse Dojo cannot be built at a basic castle (level 1 Castle), but it does require a Bow or Spear Dojo to have been built on the same site. It can be upgraded to famous and legendary status. A Horse Dojo will produce Cavalry Archers and Yari Cavalry.

With an Armoury, a Master Horse Dojo can also train Heavy Cavalry.