Archery Dojo (STW building)

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Archery Dojo
Requires: Produces:
  • Any Castle             

The Archery Dojo trains Samurai and Ashigaru in the Way of the Bow. This building allows you to produce Archers. The ability of Archers to inflict damage from a distance makes them invaluable on the battlefield, and an essential part of a balanced army. The Archery Dojo can be upgraded to allow the production of better trained troops.

Extra info:
Samurai originally defined themselves by their skills at archery, especially archery from horseback. The magnificent asymmetrical longbows of the samurai needed highly skilled craftsmen to construct them. It was in the interests of every lord to make sure that such craftsmanship was encouraged — and well paid — in his domain, and that the sensei needed to train men to use them were also available.

A bow dojo is also one of the fundamental military improvements that can be constructed at any castle.

By the Sengoku period, archery was beginning to fall out of favour, a process that would accelerate with the arrival of the arquebus.

A Bow Dojo allows the castle where it is located to produce Samurai Archers, and it can be improved to famous or legendary status in larger castles, allowing the training of higher honour Samurai Archers.