Spear Dojo (STW building)

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Spear Dojo
Requires: Produces:
  • Any Castle             

The Spear Dojo trains both Samurai and Ashigaru in the way of the Yari (spear). Troops equipped with spears form the mainstay of most Samurai armies. They are used mainly in defensive roles and are particularly good against Cavalry.

Extra info:
A dojo is a place of training where a sensei — a master in a particular skill, craft or art — can impart his knowledge to students in the proper atmosphere of calm and learning. This is as true for the martial arts as for any peaceful pursuit. The best of the sensei were always encouraged to settle by daimyo and begin their teachings, not only for the practical benefits of spreading their skills, but also for the reflected glory and honour that a true sensei could give to his patron.

Both Yari Ashigaru and Yari Samurai are trained at the Spear Dojo. It can be upgraded to famous and legendary status at larger castles, and once it has attained Famous Spear Dojo status it can also be used to train Naginata Samurai, providing there is an Armoury at the castle too.