Chichimec Tribes (M2TW-K-AC faction)

Chichimec Tribes
Game: Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms
Culture: Mesoamerican
Religion: Pagan

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Opening map

Starting position


  • Zacatecas - Large town (Capital)
  • Colotan - Large town




The Chichimec tribes are a fractured and nomadic people. When they roamed the scrubby deserts to the north of the hated Aztecs, the Chichimeca were prone to vicious infighting and raiding, especially between the two major tribes, the Zacatecos and the Guachichil. A recent series of events have forced the Chichimeca to put their internal disputes aside. With the Aztecs sending out more and more raiding parties from the south to capture people for their lurid sacrifices, and the rumour of strange new men appearing far to the south, the tribes of the Chichimeca are now unifying and mobilising for war!

The Chichimec are slowly becoming urbanised with a capital city at Zacatecas and a satellite community at Colotan. These settlements are allowing the Chichimeca to develop a more cohesive army and command structure, when compared to even a few years ago. The Chichimec themselves are a fierce and hardy people, well-versed in hunting and guerrilla warfare. Many Chichimec warriors ritually paint themselves with red dye before going into battle. The Aztecs are very cautious when launching raids into Chichimec territory, as they are often turned into ambushes by the crafty Chichimec commanders.

The Chichimeca field many infantry and missile units including the fearsome Guachichil Warriors and Zacatecos Archers.


Guachichil Warrior

Strong infantry and archers, can use enemies' technology against them.


Wear very little armour and wield mostly archaic weapons.

Campaign rules


Hold 25 regions.


Hold 15 regions.

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