Basilisk (M2TW unit)

Category: Siege
Class: Missile
Soldiers: 16
Morale: 9
Discipline: Disciplined
Training: Highly trained
Recruitment cost: 1080
Upkeep cost: 400
Weapon upgrade: 90
Armour upgrade: 70

Very powerful cannon with great range, damage and accuracy. Punishing against defences and units. Can fire solid or explosive shots.

Primary weapon: Knife (Melee)
Attack: 6
Charge bonus: 3
Secondary weapon: Basilisk (Siege)
Weapon attributes: Armour piercing
Attack: 65
Charge bonus: 3
Range: 450
Ammunition: 30
Total defence: 8
Armour: 4
Defence skill: 4
Shield: 0
Hit points: 1

This fearsome artillery piece is the pinnacle of late Medieval siege-gun engineering. With greater range, damage and accuracy than all the siege guns that come before it, no enemy emplacements can stand up to its fearsome bombardment, nor can enemy troops withstand its explosive shots. Generals should fear the gaze of the Basilisk!


Can board ships
Can withdraw
Exploding shot
Gunpowder weapon

Available for:

France Holy Roman Empire Hungary Portugal Russia Spain
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