12-lber Foot Artillery (NTW unit)

12-lber Foot Artillery
12-lber Foot Artillery
Austria (GC) 12-lber Foot Artillery
France (GC) 12-lber Foot Artillery
Prussia (GC) 12-lber Foot Artillery
Russia (GC) 12-lber Foot Artillery
France (PC) 12-lber Foot Artillery
Spain (PC) 12-lber Foot Artillery
Category: Artillery
Class: Foot Artillery
Men: 6 / 12 / 18 / 24
Guns: 4
Faction: France Prussia
Range: 600 600 600
Accuracy: 40 50 35
Reloading skill: 35 40 30
Melee attack: 2 2 2
Charge bonus: 3 3 3
Defence: 3 4 4
Morale: 3 3 3
Turns to train: 3 3 3
Recruitment cost: 700 760 660
Upkeep cost: 170 190 160

Foot artillery batteries are the core of an army on campaign: cannons win battles.

Despite the name, foot artillery batteries are towed by horses. The artillerymen, however, march alongside their pieces rather than ride. Because the guns can be loaded with round or canister shot they are effective at long and short range: canister shot turns cannons into gigantic fowling pieces. Artillery is slower than the rest of the army and, if left behind and undefended, will be vulnerable to cavalry attacks. Disabling the enemy’s guns should always be a high priority for a general, and artillerymen only have the most rudimentary sword skills for their defence.

By the late eighteenth century, improvements in artillery design had drastically reduced the weight of cannons and their field carriages. Design improvements had reduced the time to get into action from the march. By carefully positioning the barrel in the centre of the gun carriage, the balance, and manoeuvrability of guns was significantly improved. Napoleon was an artilleryman, and his use of guns in concentration against small parts of the enemy battle line persuaded many nations to increase the size of their own artillery corps.


Can hide in woodland
Resistant to cold fatigue Russia

Technological abilities


Available for:

Grand Campaign

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Austria France Prussia Russia

Peninsular Campaign

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