France (NTW-PC faction)

Game: Napoleon: Total War - Peninsular Campaign
Culture: European
Alignment: Pro-French

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Starting position


Late March 1811


Ntw fra spain map.jpg
  • Midi-Pyrénées - Toulouse (Capital)
  • Asturias - Oviedo
  • Badajoz - Badajos
  • Basses-Pyrénées - Pau
  • Beira - Coimbra
  • Burgos - Burgos
  • Cantabria - Santander
  • Castilla la Nueva - Madrid
  • Castilla la Vieja - Valladolid
  • Cataluña - Barcelona
  • Cuenca - Cuenca
  • Cáceres - Cáceres
  • Córdoba - Cordova
  • Galicia - Santiago de Compostella
  • Granada - Granada
  • Léon - León
  • la Mancha - Ciudad Real
  • Murcia - Murcia
  • Navarra - Pamplona
  • Norte - Porto
  • País Vasco - Vitoria-Gasteiz
  • Pyrénées-Orientales - Perpignan
  • Salamanca - Salamanca
  • Teruel - Teruel
  • Zaragoza - Saragossa







The “Spanish Ulcer” is a canker on an otherwise successful career. Napoleon has never given Spain his personal attention, but he has sunk money and troops into a Spanish war. He has made his brother Joseph, the former King of Naples, the putative foundation of a new Bonaparte dynasty in Spain. But the people have not come to heel. The Spanish are now fighting as though the struggle is a war of independence: their tactics are barbaric at times. Bandits and brigands crawl all over the countryside, mercilessly killing French troops sent to keep the peace, thwarting sensible attempts to make the country governable.

As well disgruntled locals, the French also face the perfidious British. They have used their old alliance with Portugal as an excuse to strike against Napoleon, building a defensive position at Torres Vedras that makes any attack on Portugal incredibly difficult. The British commander, Wellington, has a fair grasp of logistics and the respect of his men: always a dangerous combination. He will need to be swiftly dealt with if France is to stand any chance of keeping control in Spain.

France, then, faces difficulties in Spain. As an occupying power in an unfriendly land, there is no front line. But France also has the finest army in Europe, and able generals to command them.

Victory Conditions

Capture and hold 30 regions, including the regions shown. Sevilla, Midi-Pyrénées, Estremandura, Gibraltar, Castilla la Nueva

Complete by the end of your turn in: Late December 1815


Republic flag

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