France (NTW faction)

Game: Napoleon: Total War
Culture: European
Religion: Catholic

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Starting position


Early January 1805


Ntw fra europe map.jpg
  • France - Paris (Capital)
  • Alsace-Lorraine - Strasbourg
  • Aquitaine - Bordeaux
  • Bretagne - Rennes
  • Corsica - Ajaccio
  • Flanders & Wallonia - Brussels
  • Hannover - Hannover
  • Normandie - Caen
  • Pays d'Oc - Toulouse
  • Picardie-Champagne - Reims
  • Piedmont-Liguria - Torino
  • Provence - Marseille






Napoléon Bonaparte

Behind all the Imperial façade and republican sentiments, France is once again an absolute monarchy, now ruled by Emperor Napoleon I. His efforts to secure good marriages for his brothers and marshals are dynastic politics that Bourbon kings would have grasped instantly. Yet, for all this, the French people have freedom, as Napoleon has used credit gained by his victories to remake France. Merit, as well as birth, now counts for something.

The Emperor’s efforts have given France an impressive empire and domination over many neighbours; he is a source of strength. Napoleon has redrawn the map of Europe to suit his own ends. He is also a great weakness, as his treatment of enemies and rivals has not been entirely politic or polite. He has caused offence to nearly everyone, taking not giving, even when he should have been conciliatory. He has managed, through poor diplomacy, to make the British look like attractive allies to many.

As a result, the Austrians are waiting for an opportunity to strike back at France for their recent humiliations and losses. The Russians, too, will strike down this new upstart emperor if given a chance, and will they ignore Napoleon’s instructions to ban trade with England? The Prussians, apparently, are content to sit and wait, but for how long? Will they idly sit by if it becomes necessary to extend French power in northern Germany? And then there are the British: always there are the British. That vindictive little island will have to be dealt with at some time.

France, therefore, faces many rivals. But if they can be isolated and removed one by one, then Europe really will know peace, under Bonaparte, the heir to Caesar!

Victory Conditions

Capture and hold 35 regions, including the regions shown. Brandenburg, Moscow Guberniya, East Prussia, France, Austria

Complete by the end of your turn in: Late December 1812


Republic flag
Monarchy flag

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