Voluntarios de Ciudad Rodrigo (NTW unit)

Voluntarios de Ciudad Rodrigo
Voluntarios de Ciudad Rodrigo
Category: Cavalry
Class: Standard Cavalry
Men: 15 / 30 / 45 / 60
Melee attack: 6
Charge bonus: 13
Defence: 6
Morale: 6
Unit limit: 1
Turns to train: 2
Recruitment cost: 450
Upkeep cost: 140

Reliable, sturdy and fast, line cavalry are a good all-round mounted unit. Guerrilla units can be deployed anywhere on the battlefield except inside the enemy deployment zone or within range of the enemy general.

Armed with a traditional straight sword, as opposed to the ever-popular sabre, these cavalrymen are a multipurpose unit. They are light enough to chase down a routing enemy, but heavy enough to charge effectively into enemy lines. However, their versatility comes at the cost of specialisation: should they be pitted against the likes of horse guards, their lack of specialist training will become apparent.

Spain and the Peninsular War proved to be a major part in the downfall of Napoleon and this was thanks, in part, to his older brother Joseph. Joseph helped his brother to take control of France during the revolution and was rewarded with the throne of Naples in 1806. His time as king was brief, and he was soon sent elsewhere when Spain fell under Napoleon’s control. Napoleon needed someone he could trust on the Spanish throne and Joseph was the obvious choice. However, French occupation of Spain was unpopular to say the least and Joseph never really managed to gain a steady grip on the country. French control was eventually broken at the Battle of Vitoria and Joseph abdicated, fleeing back to France.


Can hide in woodland
Guerrilla warfare

Technological abilities

Wedge formation
Diamond formation

Available for:

Ntw spain spa cav stand voluntarios ciudad guerrilla icon.png

Unit is exclusive to the Peninsular Campaign and is available when controlling the region of Salamanca.

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