Town Militia (M2TW unit)

Town Militia
Town Militia
Category: Infantry
Class: Light
Soldiers: 60
Morale: 3
Discipline: Normal
Training: Trained
Recruitment cost: 290
Upkeep cost: 125
Weapon upgrade: 75
Armour upgrade: 60

Town Militia are commoners and peasants levied into local militias to defend settlements and bolster armies, armed with short spears.

Primary weapon: Light spear (Melee)
Weapon attributes: Bonus vs. cavalry = 4
Attack: 5
Charge bonus: 2
Total defence: 7
Armour: 0
Defence skill: 1
Shield: 6
Hit points: 1

These men are commoners and peasants who have been levied into local militias to defend towns, roads and bolster armies. Given some training and equipped with a short spear and shield, though little armour, these units are useful in defence, but cannot be expected to endure for long on an open battlefield.


Can be supported free in a city
Can board ships
Can hide in forest
Can withdraw

Available for:

Denmark England France Holy Roman Empire Portugal Scotland Spain
Den town militia.png Eng town militia.png Fra town militia.png Hre town militia.png Por town militia.png Sco town militia.png Spa town militia.png
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