Italian Spear Militia (M2TW unit)

Italian Spear Militia
Italian Spear Militia
Category: Infantry
Class: Spearmen
Soldiers: 60
Morale: 5
Discipline: Normal
Training: Trained
Recruitment cost: 460
Upkeep cost: 125
Weapon upgrade: 85
Armour upgrade: 65

Experienced and well trained local militia equipped with good armour and a spear, able to form a defensive ring of spears.

Primary weapon: Long spear (Melee)
Weapon attributes: Bonus vs. cavalry = 8
Attack: 7
Charge bonus: 3
Total defence: 13
Armour: 4
Defence skill: 3
Shield: 6
Hit points: 1

Local militias, organised around city quarters and surrounding towns, play an important role in Italian armies. Whilst service is compulsory, it tends to be short and most serving it are sustained by a strong element of civic pride. These spear militia are comprised of more experienced troops with some armour and long spears, making them a tough defensive unit.

Unit can adopt the schiltrom formation.


Can be supported free in a city
Can board ships
Can hide in forest
Can withdraw

Available for:

Milan Papal States Sicily Venice
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