HMS Elephant (NTW unit)

HMS Elephant
HMS Elephant
Accuracy: 50
Reloading skill: 25
Hull strength: 1980
Speed: 16
Maneuverability: Low
Morale: 14
Unit limit: 1
Turns to build: 8
Recruitment cost: 1770
Upkeep cost: 440

HMS Elephant is a ship of the line with an impressive broadside at close range.

Like all ships-of-the-line, HMS Elephant is not a handy ship, being slow and unresponsive to the helm. Good sailing qualities, however, are secondary to the weight of broadside that she can both deliver and withstand. This is important in a warship that is intended to form the centrepiece of any squadron and possibly act as an admiral’s flagship.

Built on the River Hamble in Hampshire, an estuary with a centuries-old shipbuilding industry, HMS Elephant was one of a class of 12 third-rate, 74-gun warships. The class was designed by Sir Thomas Slade, possibly the best naval architect of his time, and most were built by private contractors using standardised plans. HMS Elephant was chosen by Vice-Admiral Nelson to be his squadron flagship at the Battle of Copenhagen (1801), thanks to her shallow draft, which was considered a useful feature when attacking a fleet at anchor. Another Slade-designed ship, HMS Victory, carried the promoted Viscount Nelson to his final victory and death at Trafalgar in 1805.


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Available for:

Grand Campaign

Great Britain

Peninsular Campaign

Great Britain


This unit is part of the Imperial Eagle Pack DLC. It was originally a pre-order incentive for

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