Great Britain (NTW faction)

Great Britain
Great Britain
Game: Napoleon: Total War
Culture: European
Religion: Protestant

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Starting position


Early January 1805


Ntw bri europe map.jpg
  • England - London (Capital)
  • Gibraltar - Gibraltar
  • Ireland - Dublin
  • Scotland - Edinburgh
  • Wales - Cardiff


Constitutional Monarchy




George III

Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy, a nation of free trade and personal liberty. Its people are seemingly devoted to making money and disliking foreigners in equal measure. Foreigners are, quite simply, just not very good at anything, be that running an empire or making a decent pie. Britons make no secret of their prejudice, a crass attitude that makes diplomacy difficult. The “English” as, much to the annoyance of the Scots, everyone calls them, are disliked in every court in Europe for this arrogance and their willingness to let everyone else do all the fighting and dying against the French. The apparent truth of this last point has been a gift to Bonaparte.

If the British do have a truly visceral dislike, then it would be the French, thanks to traditional rivalry and a genuine horror at the consequences of the French Revolution. While many British politicians were pleased to see an end to the Bourbon monarchy, they were repulsed by the insatiable bloodshed of the Terror, and fearful that the infection of revolution might cross the English Channel, with or without French bayonets to help it along. Invasion is a constant fear and, as always, an enemy in control of the Low Countries is enough to scare London.

Britain’s position in 1805 is better than might be expected, but not due to its own efforts: Napoleon has managed to upset almost every other nation in Europe with his high-handedness. This is an opportunity for the British to build a new alliance, although this will mean paying handsome subsidies to its partners. As long as the Royal Navy can keep control of the seas, Britain is safe from invasion, but without a substantial army and continental allies this counts for little against France. Britain can contribute to the downfall of France, but needs time and resolve to muster its strength. Napoleon may not grant that time.

Victory Conditions


Capture and hold 20 regions, including the regions shown. Balearic Isles, England, Hannover, Provence, Spain, Denmark, Bretagne

Complete by the end of your turn in: Late December 1812

World Domination

Capture and hold 60 regions, including the regions shown. England

Complete by the end of your turn in: Late December 1812


Monarchy flag
Republic flag

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