Chief's Lodge (ETW-WC building)

Chief's Lodge
Category: Government
Level: 1
Turns to build: 3
Building cost: 1000
Chief's Lodge
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Council of Elders
Hunting Techniques
Hunting Techniques
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High Chief's Lodge

Home to the Chief of a tribe; where all can come for help and advice from their leader.

A Chief’s lodge is not only home to the man’s whole family, and one family could live in the lodge for many years as the position was passed down from father to son. The chief presides over many matters, and is expected to give every one his best attention.

In some tribes a chief’s standing was denoted by the length and number of feathers in his ‘war bonnet.’ These were earned for acts of bravery on behalf of the tribe. Eagle feathers had a deep symbolism attached to them and if a chief had any he was a great man indeed!