Council of Elders (ETW-WC building)

Council of Elders
Category: Government
Level: 0
Turns to build: 2
Building cost: 500
Council of Elders
Etw na city chief lvl02.png

Chief's Lodge

Keepers of wisdom, the Council of Elders see to it that their people’s way of life is respected and continued.

An elder is expected to be able to walk between the two worlds of men and spirits. Being able to bring back knowledge from the other world sets such a man apart and gives him wisdom which may belie his years. Many elders have spent the seasons of their lives on spirit quests, and have learned much.

All decisions, even the smallest must go to the Council of Elders before any action can be taken. From the small to the great, everything must be considered: from marriages requiring the approval of the council to the blessing of this year’s hunting.