High Chief's Lodge (ETW-WC building)

High Chief's Lodge
Category: Government
Level: 2
Turns to build: 4
Building cost: 1500
High Chief's Lodge
Etw na city chief lvl02.png

Chief's Lodge
Improved Farming
Improved Farming
Etw na city chief lvl04.png

Council of Tribes

The High Chief has the final say, and his dwelling reflects his status.

Tribal structure relies on everyone knowing his place and recognising where power is vested. The tribal sub-chiefs need a supreme leader to bring them together, to be a voice for the people. The High Chief fulfils this role, acting as father to his tribe with, if he is wise, the guidance of the medicine men and older warriors.

Historically, tribal leaders were the key in determining tribal policies, especially towards the invading Europeans. King Philip’s War of 1675-6 seems to have been the result of Metacomet (or “King Philip” as the English settlers called him) realising that trading tribal lands for goods was the height of folly, despite what previous leaders had done.