About Total War: Shogun 2

Master the art of war in the darkest age of Japan!

It is the 16th Century in Japan and where once ruled a unified government now stand many clans, all vying for honour, recognition, control and for conquest. As leader of one of these clans, it is your duty to befriend, betray or destroy utterly those that stand in your way as you strive to unite the warring factions and rise up to rule them all as undisputed Shogun – the battle-proven military leader of Japan.

Choose from one of 9 (10 with Ikko-Ikki dlc) clans, each with their own unique traits and skills and each with their own RPG-style warlord to lead them. Use a mixture of diplomacy, political manoeuvring, province building, research and special agents such as Ninja assassins or Geisha spies to get your enemies exactly where you want them. An intuitive user interface and a lovingly-created, complex and detailed campaign map make it both easy and enjoyable to build and run cities, recruit and move troops and issue commands – both noble and dishonourable, all with the aim of mastering enemy forces and seizing their lands.

Battle in real-time in beautifully rendered 3D landscapes complete with dynamic weather effects, both on land and at sea with vast numbers of highly detailed soldiers at your command. Advanced AI that draws inspiration from Sun Tzu’s Art of War demands a high level of strategic skill from the user and ensures compelling, complex combat every time whether it be a small skirmish or full-blown war. Whilst the number of available units has been reduced from previous Total War games (around 30-40) the variety of these units and the multitude of unique abilities they possess ensures a near-unlimited range of tactics for you to deploy. A drop-in feature also allows for human control of enemies in battle, should you wish.

The skill-based tech tree allows you to study the arts, selectively upgrading your clan’s military and economic capabilities by unlocking buildings that enable the recruitment of new units or agents, as well as the implementation of new economic strategies to increase the size of your treasury. Will you study the art of trading – building markets or fishing ports, or will you build an archery dojo to train bow-wielding units to further your campaign efforts?

Recruit a friend to aid you in the online co-operative campaign – share the weight of military planning and battles, the glory and honour of victory, and the shame of defeat...

Once you have taken Japan in the single player or co-operative, take the fight online – prove your strategic prowess on a global scale! For the first time create and customize your own avatar to explore and conquer an online campaign map of Japan with your own army and navy behind you. Emerge victorious to gain experience that allows you to upgrade your avatar, army and navy in order to gain the upper hand. Wage full-scale war on land and at sea against your enemies, both alone and in Steam-created clans of users to gain territories and prove your clan’s supremacy.

Total War: Shogun 2 was released on 15 March 2011 by Sega and the Creative Assembly. The Rise of the Samurai Campaign was released on 27 September 2011 and the standalone expansion for the game, titled Fall of the Samurai was released on 23 March 2012.

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