38-gun Steam Ship (NTW unit)

38-gun Steam Ship
38-gun Steam Ship
Faction: France Great Britain
Accuracy: 55 65 55
Reloading skill: 35 35 45
Hull strength: 660 660 680
Speed: 23 24 23
Maneuverability: Med. Med. Med.
Morale: 9 9 11
Turns to build: 5 5 5
Recruitment cost: 860 900 850
Upkeep cost: 210 220 210
Screw Propeller
Screw Propeller
Uniform Armament
Uniform Armament

A steam-powered ship is not at the mercy of the wind, a valuable attribute for any admiral.

By fitting a steam engine and all its machinery into an existing hull, naval architects created a small ship-of-the-line not entirely tied to the wind and tide. The results are moderately successful, as a steamship can sail independently of the wind, but still spend a good deal of time under sail to save fuel. Tactically, however, the steamship has another advantage: manoeuvrability. The 38 guns aboard can be brought to bear with ease.

Historically, steam shipbuilding owes a great debt to the British engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a man who built ships, bridges and railways. His first ship, the SS Great Western, made 74 Atlantic crossings during its life. Not content with this, Brunel designed and built an iron, screw-driven “liner”, the SS Great Britain. The first screw-driven ship to cross the Atlantic, she is now splendidly restored and preserved at Bristol Docks in England.

Available for:

Austria France Great Britain Prussia Russia

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