32-gun Fifth Rate (NTW unit)

32-gun Fifth Rate
32-gun Fifth Rate
Accuracy: 60
Reloading skill: 40
Hull strength: 510
Speed: 20
Maneuverability: Medium
Morale: 9
Turns to build: 5
Recruitment cost: 480
Upkeep cost: 120

A 32-gun frigate is a single deck warship, mostly used for convoy raiding and protection.

This square-rigged ship is armed with 12-pounders on the only gun deck. The cannons it carries do not have the same punch as the guns found on larger ships, but they are more than capable of damaging smaller ships. The speed and handling characteristics of a 32-gun frigate allow it to choose when and where to engage a slower enemy. Whereas most ships must blast away at close range, this frigate can pepper an enemy at a distance.

The first 32-gun frigates were introduced in 1756 and classed as “fifth rates” by the Royal Navy. The Southampton-class of frigates were British built and had more headroom on the lower deck than the French frigate models. British frigates had been derived from the French designs: the British were impressed with the French design, and copied captured examples for their own fleet. Although not usually commanded by a full captain, a frigate was a desirable ship for an ambitious officer as it gave him a taste of independent command.

Available for:

Grand Campaign

Great Britain

Peninsular Campaign

Great Britain

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