Yari Samurai (STW unit)

Yari Samurai
Category: Infantry
Class: Melee
Soldiers: 60
Weapon Type: Spear 

Main Stats
Honour / Morale       7   
Melee Attack       6   
Melee Defence       8   
Charge Bonus       6   
Armour       2   
Extra Stats
Marching Speed       5    
Running Speed       8   
Charging Speed     9.5   

Requires: Spear Dojo

The Yari Samurai is the mainstay of the Samurai army.
The Yari is a long spear, making these troops very
effective defending against mounted opponents. So
long as the unit remains well ordered they are good
against most troop types.

Extra info:
The yari is a long spear tipped with a razor sharp
blade. Originally, this was simply a slightly sturdier
version of the lance-like spear used by mounted
samurai, but over the years it became a different
and heavier weapon. Once battle had been joined
samurai equipped with the yari were equally adept
in close combat as long as the unit kept good order
in its ranks.

Yari samurai are extremely effective against cavalry.
It is, after all, very difficult to force even the best-trained cavalry horses to charge into a mass of spear points! Thus, they tend to be used “defensively”. In an ideal world, the enemy would be tempted into charging onto the spears, dashing themselves to pieces against a foe which who is just a few metres away beyond the range of a sword swing.