The Turks (M2TW-K-CC faction)

The Turks
Game: Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms
Culture: Middle Eastern
Religion: Islam

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Opening map

Starting position


  • Baghdad - Large city (Capital)
  • Amorium - Town
  • Ankara - Large town
  • Doryleum - Town
  • Iconium - Castle
  • Kirsehir - Town
  • Mosul - Fortress
  • Raqqa - Town
  • Takrit - Town




Since migrating from the Steppes the nomadic Seljuk Turks have had an incredible impact on the Middle East. Relying heavily on their swift light cavalry the Seljuk Turks have seized lands in Syria and Asia Minor and settled down to become a major power in the Middle East. However, prior to the First Crusade the Seljuks began to fragment amongst themselves, draining away much of their strength and momentum, ultimately resulting in the unlikely success of the First Crusade and the subsequent founding of the Crusader States.

Owing to the determination and leadership of Nur ad-Din and his immediate predecessor, Zenghi, (Nur ad-Din’s father), the Syrian based Seljuks have begun to effectively challenge the Crusaders.

Nur ad-Din sent a very capable lieutenant by the name of Salah al-Din to Egypt to rule it in his name. Unfortunately for Nur ad-Din his former lieutenant had ambitions of his own and soon took Egypt as his own. This betrayal may prove dangerous for Nur ad-Din, as besides being a cunning general, Salah al-Din has revitalised Egypt into a mighty force once again.

It is almost a given that master and former lieutenant will have to face off against one another if either are to expand. Such a confrontation will drain away forces desperately needed by both parties to drive off the accursed Crusaders. On the other hand the victor of such a clash will gain a large Islamic Empire that the Crusaders will be hard pressed to defend against. The Enemies of the turks will face even more missile troops including Turkish crossbowmen and the iqta'dar.



Outstanding mounted archers and good infantry.


Lacks late period heavy cavalry.

Campaign rules


Hold 25 regions, including: Baghdad (30 turns), Antioch (10 turns), Constantinople(10 turns), Krak de Chevaliers (10 turns), Jerusalem (10 turns). Eliminate factions: Principality of Antioch


Hold 15 regions. Eliminate factions: Principality of Antioch

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