Egypt (M2TW-K-CC faction)

Game: Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms
Culture: Middle Eastern
Religion: Islam

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Opening map

Starting position


  • Cairo - Large city (Capital)
  • Alexandria - Large town
  • Al Suways - Town
  • Dumyat - Motte & bailey
  • Siwa - Town
  • Tanta - Town




Until recently Egypt had been the centre of the Fatmid Empire, however Egypt’s former rulers grew weak and were eventually deposed by a cunning Kurdish general by the name of Salah al-Din. Originally sent by his master, Nur ad-Din, to govern Egypt in his name, the ambitious Salah al-Din soon set about creating his own powerbase on the Nile.

With its new ruler at the helm, Egypt grows from strength to strength. Salah al-Din has revitalised Egypt’s military and economy making Egypt the growing power in the Middle East. It seems inevitable that Salah al-Din will have to face the wrath of his former master in the north sooner or later. The winner of that struggle will in effect inherit the strongest Muslim empire in western Syria as well as the duty of defending the western Islamic world from the Frankish Crusaders.

Egypt must defeat Nur ad- Din as soon as possible to avoid fighting both the Crusaders and Nur ad-Din at the same time. Alternatively an alliance with the Turks would also have the Crusaders facing a united Muslim front whilst allowing Egypt to expand westward and northwards in peace for a short while. Egypt’s enemies will face a good all round army that contains elite heavy cavalry in the form of the Khassaki and devastating ranged units such as the Sibyan al-Khass.



Relies on powerful cavalry, particularly the Mamluks.


Lacks heavy infantry, particularly in the late period.

Campaign rules


Hold 25 regions, including: Cairo (30 turns), Constantinople (10 turns), Jerusalem (10 turns), Krak de Chevaliers (10 turns), Acre (10 turns). Eliminate factions: Kingdom of Jerusalem


Hold 15 regions. Eliminate factions: Kingdom of Jerusalem

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