State Capitol (ETW building)

State Capitol
Category: Government
Form: Republic
Level: 3
Turns to build: 5
Building cost: 3000
State Capitol
State Capitol
Middle Eastern
State Capitol
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State House
European, Middle Eastern
Etw eu city government lvl5.png

House of Representatives
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Caste's Assembly

This magnificent building is the embodiment of the Republic and of the people’s continuing involvement in their own laws and governance.

The state capitol of a republican province is the seat of government, a place where the people’s representatives can meet to pass local laws, appoint judges, and generally see to the good government of their region. At regional level government is usually divided into an upper and lower chamber, although both are elected. The regional governor himself may still be an appointee of the central government, a useful way of balancing local and national interests. All that said, little expense is spared on the capitol building itself, as this is a considerable source of pride and unity.

Despite the seemingly democratic nature of the system, there is no guarantee that anything approaching all the adult population will actually have a vote. Historically, the extension of the franchise to the popular majority is a late development in many democracies and republics. The US state of New Jersey, for example, allowed women the vote after the Revolution in 1775, only to take the right away in 1807!