Caste's Assembly (ETW building)

Caste's Assembly
Category: Government
Form: Republic
Level: 4
Turns to build: 6
Building cost: 4500
Caste's Assembly
Etw ind city government lvl4.png

State Capitol
Etw ind city government lvl6.png

Presidential Palace

This is the centre of the republic: the beating heart of the nation where the great and good gather to steer their people to a better future.

The “great and the good”, naturally enough, need suitably imposing surroundings to carry out their burdensome law-making duties. Indeed, the magnificence of the building used for representative assemblies can only bolster the honour and prestige of the republic! That it also adds gravitas to the representatives themselves is no more than mere coincidence.

The number of chambers and their methods of selection differ from republic to republic. Nearly all feature one chamber to pass laws and another to revise them.

While the people may have a say in who creates the law, “the great and the good” usually take considerable pains to enfranchise only sections of the people. By carefully excluding voters thanks to age, sex, wealth, religion, birth and geographical location, the political classes can make public support a largely meaningless term. The less astute and largely unwashed masses of the people are important, but that does not mean they should interfere in government business!

This building can only be built in the faction capital.