Spiritual Circle (ETW-WC building)

Spiritual Circle
Category: Culture
Level: 3
Turns to build: 5
Building cost: 2000
Spiritual Circle
Etw na city religious lvl1.png

Sweat Lodge
Riding the Winds
Riding the Winds
Etw na town spiritual lvl02.png

Shamanic Gateway

An area of great spiritual power respected and honored by all.

A spirit circle is a centre of sacred power that has been blessed by a spiritual leader or Shaman. Entry to these circles is only from the east, and once inside the sacred dancers move round the circle in the same direction as the path of the sun through the sky.

Spirituality was, and still is, a deeply important aspect of Native American life. Many believed that there were three levels of spirit orders, the first being spirits on earth. Every being was said to have the power of the spirits within them. These were in turn controlled by the final level of spirits; those that oversee the whole universe.