Shamanic Gateway (ETW-WC building)

Shamanic Gateway
Category: Culture
Level: 4
Turns to build: 6
Building cost: 2500
Shamanic Gateway
Etw na town spiritual lvl01.png

Spiritual Circle
Spirit Medicine
Spirit Medicine

A gateway to the spirit world, controlled by a shaman or medicine man.

The spirit world has a lot of sway over the events that unfold on a day to day basis. They can bring tidings of joy, but they can also bring news of impending doom. Those that have the ability to commune with the spirits hold a position of great power within society.

Shamans use a wide variety of methods to reach the spirit world. One of these is to use drumming to lull then into a deep trance. Another is to use potions and herbs to ease their passage into the spirit world, allowing them to commune freely with the spirits and learn hidden truths.