Seminary (Orthodox) (ETW building)

Category: Religion
Level: 2
Turns to build: 3
Building cost: 1500
Etw eu town education lvl2 religious.png

Monastery School

A seminary produces the trained priests needed to maintain the hierarchy of the Orthodox Church and spread the Word of God.

Kept separate from the temptations of the world in a monastic setting, the students at a seminary are indoctrinated in matters of faith. They are given a solid, if conservative, education that will stand them in good stead when they become pillars of the community as priests: it is not their role to challenge the established order, but to minister to the people.

Historically, seminaries were also used to create a sense of national identity, particularly in Russia. History, culture and language were taught to students to give them a sense of belonging to the nation, so that they would pass this on to their flocks as well. In the late 19th Century, this nationalist and conservative education would be entirely rejected by one student. Study at the seminary at Tiflis in Georgia did not produce an obedient, respectful and compliant follower in Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili. Instead it turned him into “Koba” the bandit and gave him a taste for power and cruelty. As Stalin, he got the chance to indulge his taste.