Monastery School (ETW building)

Monastery School
Category: Religion
Level: 1
Turns to build: 2
Building cost: 750
Monastery School
Etw eu town education lvl1 religious.png

Church School
Etw eu town education lvl3 religious.png


For centuries, monasteries have been islands of learning in a sea of ignorance. Their schools give a good education to the sons of the faithful.

The education offered is, of course, heavily weighted towards religious matters. The students will often become priests, so they must understand the creed and doctrine of the Orthodox Church and have the wisdom to act as guides and arbiters in their communities.

Historically, monasteries were not only retreats from the world, but the places where knowledge was preserved. The scriptoriums and libraries of monasteries kept and copied information from antiquity, while outside their walls life was nasty, brutish and violently short. Orthodox monasteries also had a long tradition of producing and preserving beautiful religious icons, and of performing liturgical music of an amazingly high quality.