Poland (M2TW-K-TC faction)

Game: Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms
Culture: Eastern European
Religion: Catholic

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Opening map

Starting position


  • Poznan - Large city (Capital)
  • Cracow - Large city
  • Czestochowa - Village
  • Danzig - Town
  • Jazdow - Castle
  • Plock - Minor city




It was Boleslaw III Wrymouth that unified Poland and it was he that was to divide it on his death bed among his sons. As a result of the many years of civil strife that followed, Poland was not ready for the dark cloud of the Mongol Empire that was to cover the lands. When the barbarians retreated, Poland was in ruins. Many Polish people had been exterminated or taken into slavery, and the people that were left lay scattered throughout the realm. The Polish princes had fertile lands, but few people to work them; soon income would diminish and they would be an easy target for their old enemy – the Holy Roman Empire. The Princes started to encourage peasants from neighbouring countries into their lands to rebuild the once great Polish nation.

Poland stands neutral to all neighbouring powers, but it is particularly concerned over German influence in the region. The many peasants that migrated to Poland and rebuilt it are from German lands. With the migration of German religious leaders, the call for sovereignty is in the air. Surrounded by Germans, and being influenced by them from within, Poland must find alliance where it can. The most likely ally may be Lithuania, if its leaders can be persuaded to convert to Christianity.

Although Poland’s military is not the strongest in any one area, it has strength in diversity. The Polish military can hold its own in the open fields with fast cavalry, defend cities with heavy infantry, and has all of the modern technology found in Christian Europe. Poland will always have a chance for success by attuning their army to the weaknesses of their enemies.



Makes use of very strong cavalry.


Somewhat mediocre infantry.

Campaign rules


Hold 45 regions, including: Hannover, Marienburg. Eliminate factions: The Teutonic Order, The Holy Roman Empire


Hold 35 regions, including: Marienburg. Eliminate factions: The Teutonic Order

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