Lithuania (M2TW-K-TC faction)

Game: Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms
Culture: Eastern European
Religion: Pagan

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Opening map

Starting position


  • Vilnius - Minor city (Capital)
  • Baranavichy - Village
  • Hrodna - Large town
  • Kaunus - Large town
  • Lida - Motte & bailey
  • Minsk - Minor city
  • Palanga - Wooden castle
  • Panevezys - Village
  • Siauliai - Large town




Labelled as heathens by their neighbours, the Balts are some of the last remaining pagan worshippers in the region. Under the leadership of the great Mindaugas, they have been compelled to unify under the banner of the Kingdom of Lithuania. The new Kingdom achieved some early military success and earned respect as a true nation of the region. The gods have been with them so far, bringing hope that their culture and beliefs will continue to prosper through many Lithuanian generations.

Lithuania is locked in a bitter war with the Teutonic Order and their parent nation, the Holy Roman Empire. With no clear resolution in sight, it is likely that Lithuania will be forced to leave their pagan ways and convert to Christianity, or be slaughtered to the last man. However, Lithuania knows that many fear the greedy expansion of the Teutonic Order. By working to maintain peace with their other neighbours and through clever diplomacy, they may be able to form an alliance to destroy the common foe.

Lithuania can draw much strength by holding to the old ways. Following the pagan Gods of Perkunas, Giltine, and Dievas will unleash religious warriors that instil fear in the hearts of all men. However, surrounded by Christian armies on all sides, the Lithuanians may be forced to change their ways to avoid death, enslavement, or exile at the hands of the Christians. Choosing the right time to convert from paganism to Christianity will be central to Lithuania’s long-term success.

Lithuania’s strength in battle lies in its light cavalry and religious zealots, though both are lightly armoured and must use the cover of thick woods or skirmishing tactics. Surprise and speed will be Lithuania’s greatest assets, making good use of the open plains and thick woods prevalent in their home lands. Lithuania must use surprise and guerrilla tactics to weaken the heavier armies of their opponents, and then disappear as they had come – like ghosts.


Dievas' Guard

Excellent light cavalry.


Militia grade soldiers lacking in discipline.

Campaign rules


Hold 45 regions, including: Marienburg, Kiev. Eliminate factions: The Teutonic Order


Hold 35 regions, including: Marienburg, Kiev. Eliminate factions: The Teutonic Order

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