Peasant Crossbowmen (ME) (M2TW unit)

Peasant Crossbowmen
Peasant Crossbowmen
Category: Infantry
Class: Missile
Soldiers: 48
Morale: 3
Discipline: Normal
Training: Trained
Recruitment cost: 400
Upkeep cost: 100
Weapon upgrade: 65
Armour upgrade: 50

Wearing little to no armour, but armed with a crossbow these peasants can give far superior troops a nasty surprise.

Primary weapon: Steel crossbow (Missile)
Weapon attributes: Armour piercing
Attack: 12
Charge bonus: 1
Range: 160
Ammunition: 30
Secondary weapon: Short sword (Melee)
Attack: 7
Charge bonus: 1
Total defence: 4
Armour: 0
Defence skill: 4
Shield: 0
Hit points: 1

It is said, that in Granada, every peasant owns a crossbow. Certainly they are popular with the Moors of Southern Spain, being both easy to use, and effective against well armoured Christian foes. Although they can't afford armour, they can give their betters a nasty surprise. A wise general won't rely on them too far in combat though.


Can board ships
Can hide in forest
Can withdraw

Available for:

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