Peasant Archers (EE) (M2TW unit)

Peasant Archers
Peasant Archers
Category: Infantry
Class: Missile
Soldiers: 48
Morale: 3
Discipline: Normal
Training: Untrained
Recruitment cost: 220
Upkeep cost: 100
Weapon upgrade: 65
Armour upgrade: 50

A peasant archer is armed with a small bow and knife. Not to be relied upon.

Primary weapon: Self bow (Missile)
Attack: 5
Charge bonus: 1
Range: 120
Ammunition: 30
Secondary weapon: Knife (Melee)
Attack: 2
Charge bonus: 1
Total defence: 1
Armour: 0
Defence skill: 1
Shield: 0
Hit points: 1

Peasant Archers are accustomed to using their bow for hunting. These peasant archers are armed with a small bow, and a knife. Life at the bottom of medieval society is neither easy or healthy, these units have either been levied straight into the army, or have volunteered to try and gain a better life. They're only moderately effective as archers, and should not be relied upon.


Can board ships
Can hide in forest
Can withdraw

Available for:

Poland Russia
Pol ee peasant archers.png Rus ee peasant archers.png
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Rus ee peasant archers info.png

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