Independence Hall (ETW building)

Independence Hall
Category: Government
Level: 6
Turns to build: 8
Building cost: 10000
Independence Hall

Every new nation needs a birthplace.

Independence Hall in Philadelphia was actually built by the Pennsylvania colonial legislature as their State House, and so for the first two decades after completion it was home to part of the British administration in America. It is a practical, red brick building in a grand colonial style and has an architectural honesty and pleasing, human proportion to it that is sometimes lacking in grander neo-Classical structures.

From 1775, the building was the home to the Second Continental Congress, the representatives of the Thirteen Colonies who approved the Declaration of Independence. The romantic view is that the “Liberty Bell” was rung to bring citizens to hear the reading of the Declaration in July 1776. Unfortunately, for romantics, historians now believe that the steeple of Independence Hall was in too bad a state to allow the ringing of any bells from the Hall. That hasn’t stopped the romantics believing the story for a minute! Independence Hall was abandoned by Congress when the British occupied Philadelphia from 1777-78. The government eventually moved to a specially created federal district (later to become Washington DC) when a mutiny by the Continental Army drove them out of Philadelphia in 1783. But for the actions of the mutineers, Philadelphia would probably still be the capital of the United States.

Unique building to: United States

This building can only be built in the faction capital.

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