Granadine Crossbow Cavalry (M2TW unit)

Granadine Crossbow Cavalry
Granadine Crossbow Cavalry
Category: Cavalry
Class: Missile
Soldiers: 32
Mount: Heavy horse
Morale: 5
Discipline: Normal
Training: Untrained
Recruitment cost: 580
Upkeep cost: 175
Weapon upgrade: 100
Armour upgrade: 75

These troops combine the crossbow, favoured by Granadine troops, with the Eastern tradition of mobile warfare.

Primary weapon: Cavalry crossbow (Missile)
Weapon attributes: Armour piercing
Attack: 7
Charge bonus: 2
Range: 120
Ammunition: 30
Secondary weapon: Cavalry weak sword (Melee)
Attack: 8
Charge bonus: 3
Total defence: 9
Armour: 5
Defence skill: 4
Shield: 0
Hit points: 1

The crossbow is a favourite weapon of the men of Granada, being both easy to use, and effective against the armour of their Christian foes. These units combine it with the Eastern tradition of mobile warfare. Their mobility allows them to stay out of trouble while they reload.


Can board ships
Can hide in forest
Can withdraw
Cantabrian circle

Available for:

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