Free Units (ETW)

Update 1.3

Release: 22 June 2009

These free units were included in the update 1.3 to replace the generic equivalents and add diversity to the playable factions.

Prussian Grenadiers (Prussia) — Wearing a distinctive brass fronted mitre cap, the Prussian Grenadiers are an explosive force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Guardias de Infanteria (Spain) — These elite guard infantry are charged with protecting the monarch and are a potent force on the battlefield.

Life Guards of Horse (Sweden) — This cavalry regiment forms part of the monarchs' household guard. Superbly drilled, they act as a shock force on the battlefield.

Horse Guards (United Provinces) — Armed with heavy cavalry sabres, these disciplined cavalrymen represent the elite of the army.

Garde du Corps (Prussia) — The Prussian Garde Du Corp are a replacement for the Prussian standard Household cavalry. These heavy horse shock troops are best used to break enemy lines and overrun enemy positions. With a strong charge and fearsome attack, these riders make short work of those who would oppose a Prussian monarch.

Life Guard (Prussia) — The Prussian life guards are equipped similarly to line infantrymen. However their uniforms are altogether more splendid, marking them out as a superior force, in arrogance if nothing else. They do a good job as garrison troops and are dedicated to the crown.

Russian Grenadiers (Russia) — This new Russian unit is great for assaults and their grenades pack a mighty punch!

Guardias de Corps (Spain) — The Spanish Guardias De Corp replace household cavalry for Spain. With almost unbreakable morale, on the charge they are almost unstoppable.

Spanish Grenadiers (Spain) — These are a replacement for the standard Spanish Grenadiers with a distinctive bearskin hat to mark them out as exemplary on the battlefield.

Life Guards of Foot (Sweden) — These are a highly trained replacement for the standard Swedish guard. They are often used as a force in a system that defends a monarchy and can be relied upon for utter loyalty and deadly accuracy in the field. Their professionalism is reflected in their fearsome battle reputation.

Holland Guard (United Provinces) — The Holland Guards from the United Provinces are superior line infantry units. Carrying smoothbore muskets, they were traditionally chosen to protect the royal family and have an incredibly high morale, often making them the last troops to break in a fight.

Scots (United Provinces) — The Scots are a Highland ex-patriate infantry used by the United Provinces, renowned for their deadly charge.

Swiss Infantry (United Provinces) — Very disciplined infantry of the United Provinces with quick reload and excellent marksmanship.

Mamelukes (Ottoman Empire) — Mamelukes are fearless light horsemen, deadly when deployed against a broken or unsupported enemy.

Update 1.5

Release: 5 October 2009

Superior Line Infantry — The reputation of these elite soldiers and the example they set provides encouragement to comrades nearby.

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