Famiglia Ducale (M2TW unit)

Famiglia Ducale
Famiglia Ducale
Category: Cavalry
Class: Heavy
Soldiers: 32
Mount: Armoured horse
Morale: 11
Discipline: Low
Training: Trained
Recruitment cost: 880
Upkeep cost: 320
Weapon upgrade: 130
Armour upgrade: 100

Armoured in plate and wielding lances, these elite knights defend the Duke's honour.

Primary weapon: Cavalry heavy lance (Melee)
Attack: 13
Charge bonus: 8
Secondary weapon: Cavalry sword (Melee)
Attack: 14
Charge bonus: 4
Total defence: 14
Armour: 9
Defence skill: 5
Shield: 0
Hit points: 1

Famiglia Ducale are quite literally the family, and retinue of the Duke. Drawn from the nobility, these units are well equipped and practiced in the art of war. Armoured in plate and wielding lances and swords these units are determined to defend their lord's honour and fight for his interests, whatever they are.

Unit can adopt the wedge formation.


Can board ships
Can form up and charge
Can hide in forest
Can withdraw
Very hardy

Available for:

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