Dvor Cavalry (M2TW unit)

Dvor Cavalry
Dvor Cavalry
Category: Cavalry
Class: Missile
Soldiers: 32
Mount: Eastern
armoured horse
Morale: 9
Discipline: Normal
Training: Trained
Recruitment cost: 800
Upkeep cost: 250
Weapon upgrade: 120
Armour upgrade: 95

In the service of the local Prince or high status Boyar, Dvors are amongst the best missile cavalry available.

Primary weapon: Cavalry composite bow (Missile)
Attack: 10
Charge bonus: 3
Range: 120
Ammunition: 25
Secondary weapon: Cavalry axe (Melee)
Weapon attributes: Armour piercing
Attack: 11
Charge bonus: 4
Total defence: 16
Armour: 5
Defence skill: 7
Shield: 4
Hit points: 1

Dvor are the household troops of Russian noblemen and princes. Their bows and strong armour allow them to outshoot Asiatic horse archers, but they are equally ready to mix it up at close quarters. This versatility, coupled with good morale make them enormously valuable troops.


Can board ships
Can form up and charge
Can hide in forest
Can withdraw
Cantabrian circle

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