Comanche Mounted Warriors (ETW-WC unit)

Comanche Mounted Warriors
Comanche Mounted Warriors
Category: Cavalry
Class: Missile Cavalry
Men: 15 / 30 / 45 / 60
Range: 70
Accuracy: 45
Reloading skill: 30
Ammunition: 20
Melee attack: 10
Charge bonus: 9
Defence: 7
Morale: 8
Turns to build: 1
Recruitment cost: 1700
Upkeep cost: 420
Gun Dealing
Gun Dealing
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Council of Tribes

These mounted musketeers have superior riding skills, making them an effective attack force.

The Comanche are gifted horsemen with an unmatched understanding of their horses. These skills allow them to cross even rough ground with terrifying speed, and then pepper an enemy with musket balls and tomahawks. They can then quickly withdraw to safety to reload, or rejoin the main body of a tribal army.

When the Spanish left horses in North America, the Comanche quickly recognised their potential, and rebuilt their lives around the animals. Their individual skills on horseback seemed almost magical to their enemies: riding bareback, they could even pick up fallen comrades at the gallop! The Comanche were particularly fond of pinto horses, believing them to be sacred. Pintos were also supposed to give their riders invulnerability in battle.


Can fire from horseback
Can guard
Can hide in light scrub
Can hide in woodland
Can shoot while moving
Can skirmish
Good stamina
Paths seldom trod
Resistant to heat fatigue

Available for:

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Plains Nations