Chichimec Shamen (M2TW-K-AC unit)

Chichimec Shamen
Chichimec Shamen
Category: Infantry
Class: Light
Soldiers: 24
Morale: 25
Discipline: Impetuous
Training: Trained
Recruitment cost: 270
Upkeep cost: 75

Courage inspiring mystical men who wear no armour and carry a tomahawk.

Primary weapon: Melee
Attack: 12
Charge bonus: 3
Total defence: 10
Armour: 0
Defence skill: 5
Shield: 5
Hit points: 1

Chichimec Shaman represent the link between the physical and spiritual world to the Chichimec Tribes. Able to inspire courage in the warriors around them by chanting prayers to the spirit world, Chichimec Shaman are a valuable unit in any Generals arsenal. Chichimec Shaman are armed with a hatchet but wear no armour and are best kept out of harms way.


Can board ships
Can chant
Can hide in forest
Can withdraw
Frightens foot soldiers
Very hardy

Available for:

Chichimec Tribes
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