Camel Warriors (NTW unit)

Camel Warriors
Camel Warriors
Category: Cavalry
Class: Light Cavalry
Men: 15 / 30 / 45 / 60
Melee attack: 9
Charge bonus: 13
Defence: 6
Morale: 6
Turns to train: 2
Recruitment cost: 470
Upkeep cost: 150

Mounted on camels, these warriors are particularly effective in melee and terrifying when on the charge.

Living in a desert makes a man tough and ruthless, or dead. The weak do not survive, and this fierce life produces proud and dangerous warriors. Their battle skills have been honed by years of raiding, goat thievery and fighting against the more settled people of oasis villages. The smell of camels riding into battle terrifies horses, giving these Bedouin warriors the edge over European cavalry. However, should they meet European elite infantry their weakness becomes apparent as their cumbersome steeds make excellent targets.

Traditionally, the name Bedouin is derived from the Arabic word ‘Bedu’ meaning ‘inhabitant of the desert.’ The Bedouin were among the most dangerous of desert tribes, fighting among themselves when outsiders weren’t available. Constantly on the move to find new pastures for their livestock, the Bedouin learned to live with the minimum of possessions and external support in the harshest of conditions. Loyalty to tribe and family was all that helped a man survive.


Can hide in woodland
Good stamina
Inspires nearby units
Paths seldom trod
Scares horses

Available for:

Ntw french rep egy cav light bedouin camel warriors icon.png
French Republic

Unit is exclusive to the Egyptian Campaign.

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