Berlin Academy (ETW building)

Berlin Academy
Category: Culture
Level: 4
Turns to build: 8
Building cost: 10000
Berlin Academy

The academy is a gathering of the finest scientific and cultural minds in Germany, uniting science and the humanities in one organisation.

While the Academy was a pet project of Prince Frederick III, the Elector of Brandenburg, he did not fund it from royal or state treasuries. Instead, he rather cleverly granted the academy a monopoly on producing and selling calendars in his domain, giving it a steady, but not substantial, income. When Frederick was crowned as “King in Prussia”, the Academy was granted royal patronage.

Under Frederick the Great, a man normally regarded as a warrior-king, the academy merged with Prussian Nouvelle Société Littéraire (French being a primary language of literature and culture in the 18th Century) and the Royal Academy of Sciences. He also offered cash prizes as incentives to the members to investigate and solve the scientific conundrums of the day. The Academy had its own laboratories, an observatory, libraries, an operating theatre (for public demonstrations of surgery), and gardens for plant specimens.

Unique building to: Prussia

This building can only be built in the faction capital.

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